Our Story

In 2014, as budding law students and roommates, we found ourselves entangled in a common predicament faced by many tenants in Florida – the wrongful withholding of our security deposit for rent by our landlord, a clear violation of Florida law on security deposits.

Unlike most tenants who find themselves in this position, we decided to leverage our legal knowledge and fight back. What began as a straightforward dispute over a few thousand dollars morphed into a monumental victory for us as tenants, setting the stage for our future endeavors.

Over the past eight years, as practicing lawyers, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping countless families, friends, and acquaintances navigate the complexities of refunding security deposits. We’ve successfully assisted our tenant clients in recovering the funds rightfully owed to them at the conclusion of their lease.

Our journey, both personal and professional, has ignited a passion within us for enforcing the often-overlooked rights of tenants. We’ve seen firsthand how critical it is for tenants to recover their security deposit return when they need it the most.

This passion led us to establish “Securing Your Deposit,” a platform dedicated to helping tenants in Florida reclaim their security deposits. Our mission is to ensure that no tenant is deprived of their rightful funds due to a lack of knowledge about Florida law on security deposits or the inability to fight back against unscrupulous landlords.

At “Securing Your Deposit,” we evaluate each potential claim, provide legal advice, and if necessary, aggressively pursue your rights in court. We’ve turned our personal experience into a professional mission – to ensure that every tenant gets their security deposit return.

If you believe your rights have been violated, let us help you. Start by filling out the following questionnaire, and let’s work together to secure your deposit return.

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